5 Best Bits – “Talking As Fast As I Can” by Lauren Graham

Book Quotes are in bold. Cristina Thoughts are not.

As an actor person, as well as a person person, I don’t think I naturally exude competence. I exude more of an “I’m kind of winging it here, but isn’t this fun?” type of vibe.

It really is. Be as good as you can – then have fun.

Starting off with very low standards is a surefire way to ensure they’ll be met.

It’s a balance, isn’t it? Appreciating what is and striving for better. Setting high standards seems like the key. If I know what I’m working towards I can celebrate the progress while keeping sights set on where I want to be.

Spend some time with just yourself and your thoughts and nothing to do. How else will you learn who you are?

Cristina time with my self and my thoughts and my nothing to do – so fun.

Look up! Look up! What you see might surprise you.

No one knows this better than Mr. Morris Lessmore 🙂

The room was entirely different without his booming voice and easy laugh. Kelly spoke to him that first day on set. “Ed? We know you’re here. We miss you.” She said, and everyone choked up.

What a lesson in how to live. Be solid. Laugh easily. Serve.

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